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Ask the Expert: Is it Safe to Use Flax Seeds/Oils

Q. I’ve heard AND read on the Internet that flax seeds and flax oil can possibly promote prostate cancer growth.  A. Flax and its oil have been promoted since the 1950’s as dietary nutrition products containing anti-cancer properties.  Most studies relating to these findings show evidence of...


Ask the Expert: Overcome Airborne Allergies

Q. It’s allergy season and I’m a wreck.  How do I “clean” up my environment, lose the inhaler and beef up my immunity to overcome airborne allergies? A. Lets start inside as most folks spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. First, consider some of these tips: [list...


Ask the Expert: Sulfa Allergies

Q. I am allergic to sulfa drugs, therefore, I believe I am also allergic to sulfur and sulfates.   Aren’t they all in the same family? A. Simply put sulfur in the form of sulphate is a necessary component to life and will not create adverse...


Ask the Expert: Allergies

Q. My sister and I have tested positive for the same allergies.  We are both allergic to dairy and corn as well as cat dander and pollen.  I have red eyes and blotchy skin while she simply sneezes.  Why am I so cursed? A. Allergy symptoms...


Ask the Expert: Hives

Q. I am experiencing hives more and more frequently as an adult.  When I was young, I had two outbreaks up to the age of twenty.  Normally they are small in size, yet with the last two episodes, they were large, worm-shaped and really painful. ...