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11 sneaky belly fat triggers

If you can’t seem to get belly fat to budge, it may be one of these secret triggers. You don’t get enough sleep Sleep is crucial for giving your body time to naturally detox and balance hormones. If you get less than 8.6 hours of sleep at...


Ayurveda Health Tips

Plan-it Lean combines my clinical nutrition knowledge with holistic Ayurveda wisdom and techniques to create the ultimate customized healthy meal plans and personalized health care plan for you. Now is a great time to start incorporating Ayurvedic practices into your daily routine to remove toxins,...


Kitchadi: An Ayurveda Healing Stew

Kitchadi is an Ayurvedic healing stew. I include it in my own diet plans and weight loss programs. Also called kitchari, it can be made with various ingredients and is generally great for all doshas. Kitchadi is my very most favorite liver cleanser. When I...


Ginger Mung Sprouts

Fresh Mung Sprouts Mung sprouts, highly regarded in Ayurveda, are lighter and easier to digest than most beans and are widely used in restorative and cleansing dishes such as kitchadi and dal. High in antioxidants, they are a perfect addition to healthy meal plans at Plan-it...


Ayurveda Oat Chevado (Chivda) Snack

Looking for a healthy, tasty, savory and sweet snack that fits nicely into healthy meal plans? Try Ayurveda Oat Chevado. Chevado, also known as Oats Chivda, is a healthy, savory and sweet snack that’s similar to granola. When you crave something crunchy, it’s perfect! Oat Chevado (Chivda) 1 cup...


Ayurveda Tips for a Healthy Spring

It may not feel like it, but the spring equinox is almost here. Whew! With the shift in seasons, our bodies change and we experience physical and mental shifts. Following Ayurvedic health principles allows the body to more easily transition to the new season without...


Ask the Expert: Tuna

Q. I thoroughly enjoy the meatiness and flavor of tuna, which I eat at least 2 to 3 times a week.  I’ve heard it contains high levels of mercury.  Should I be nervous? A. Tuna, along with mackerel, shark, swordfish, and file fish have all been...

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