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Ask the Expert: Racing Heart

Q. My heart races randomly for no apparent reason. It is nerve wracking- what is going on?  A. These are termed palpitations. Anxiety and stress often precipitates this reaction, while caffeinated products, highly refined sugar products, i.e. alcoholic beverages (Rum, Cognacs), as well as decongestants can...


Ask the Expert: Macular Degeneration

Q. Macular degeneration runs in my family.  Is there anything I can do to prevent this gene from showing up? A. According to a nationwide clinical trial performed a few years ago by the National Eye Institute, supplementing with antioxidants and zinc can reduce your risk. ...


Ask the Expert: Food Cravings

Q. Why do I crave certain foods, like sugars, so often?  What is this a sign of? A. One of the most common “craving” misconceptions is that if you crave something then it must contain a vitamin, mineral, or nutrient that your body is lacking.  The...


Ask the Expert: Osteopenia

Q. I have read here and there that the habitual use of Acetaminophen can be dangerous- but for me it is the quickest way to reduce a fever or aches and pains. Should I be concerned? A.The aforementioned biphosphate drugs work by killing off osteoclasts, known...


Ask the Expert: Spring Sinuses

Q. Every Spring my sinus problems crank up- I’m inflamed, stuffy, and then drippy- what can I do?  This season is seemingly endless! A. Seasonal allergies are greatly helped by reducing internal stressors.  Try cutting out the most “common” food irritants in April and May.  These...


The Most Persistent Pain

The discomfort in my tush began approximately three-and-a-half years ago.  First I had a bit of stiffness in the hip area after driving a few hours.  I then developed a variant, deep, pointed, achy, pulling pain in the middle of my right cheek, better known...


Ask the Expert: Salmonella Outbreaks

Q. Why are so many outbreaks of salmonella and E-coli occurring within the food industry.  Just a few months ago “healthy” Veggie Bootie snacks infected with salmonella made people sick in 17 states!  What should I look for on labels to protect my family and...


Ask the Expert: Joint Pain

Q. I’m always in pain – my joints hurt, my muscles ache and I am stiff all over – What to do? —I’m a wreck!! A. First and foremost do you move your bowels daily?  If not, your PH is more acidic than it should be....


Ask the Expert: Mad Cow Disease

Q. Do we still need to be concerned about getting Mad Cow disease from our beef? A. Until greed goes – it will remain a concern.  In 2006 the FDA banned old cow’s brains and spinal cords in all animal feed.  The FDA’s gift to us...

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