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Ask the Expert Mercury in Fish

Q. I’m attempting to get pregnant within the next year. Mercury in fish is a concern. Why is it so bad, and which fish should I avoid NOW to prepare for a healthy baby? A. Mercury is a contaminant found in fish, sourced from industrial pollution...


Ask the Expert: Tap Water

Q. Is tap water really that bad for humans?  If it is then how problematic is it for babies and  elderly who have less hardy immune systems? A. The US has over 3000 water filtration plants of which 98% are archaic and completely lacking in sufficient...


Ask the Expert: Plastic in the Human Body

Q. There have been a number of blogs about the alarming amount of plastic found in the human body.  Should I trade my Nalgene water bottle in for a metal one? A. Plastic compounds found in human tissue appears to be quite rampant (and not necessarily...


Ask the Expert: Body Odor

Q. I experience bouts of very strong foot odor.  I find it confusing as it comes and goes.  What should I do to rid myself of this pesky problem?    A. Body odor, wherever it may be present (head, feet, armpits), can be due to a...


Ask the Expert: Irradiated Food and Pregnancy

Q: My sister is having trouble getting pregnant, as are a number of my friends.  I’ve found research that points to food irradiation being linked to infertility.  What exactly is this, and how does one avoid irradiated food? A: You’re correct.  There is evidence that genetic...


Ask the Expert: Sodium Fluoride

Q: Both my parents have high blood pressure as well as kidney problems.  While doing research on the Internet I found a good number of sodium fluoride referrals as a possible culprit in creating these health problems.  Could you elaborate? A: Sodium fluoride is a by-product...


Guess What’s Coming to Dinner? Part III of III

After researching the genetically engineered world of foods (otherwise referred to as Frankenstein foods) I suggest memorizing this list of nine tainted GE food sources.  These are the “prime suspects”. Next, examine the partial list under each source and strike from your diet plans the commercially...


Our New Threat: Endocrine Disrupters

I’d like you to meet one of the scariest compounds threatening the health of Americans today, so pervasive even the most focused healthy meal plans can't entirely avoid it. These are chemicals and pesticides found abundantly in food products, water, medications cosmetics and plastic food packaging. ...

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