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Deborah’s Inspiration

"NUTRITION INTELLIGENCE" sprouted in India over 5,000 years ago as the basic tenet of Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurveda embraces precepts that show us how to embrace a healthy, balanced, joyful life. Ayurveda delivers common sense, guiding us in creating a life burgeoning with vitality; showing us how to care for this planet we call our home as well as how to nurture this earth we depend on for a healthier existence. Our mutual goal is to be of service to one another and give back more than we take. These are a few of the fundamentals energetically enabling us to "fix what is broken" by simply incorporating healing through Ayurvedic practices! The Plan-it Lean App embraces whole, live, eaten as they are grown foods plus essential healthy fats and oils which infuse precious nutrients, vitamins and minerals to protect your trillions of cells! Viola! your body shift metabolically.....increased energy, faster fat blasting, better sleep. "THROW YOUR HEALTH A LIFELINE" ...its all yours for the taking!

Deborah Arneson, MS, BS Licensed Nutritionist, Founder – Plan-it Lean

Veteran and Licensed Clinical Nutritionist Deborah Arneson, health editor, producer of numerous radio and cable TV shows as well as national speaker/lecturer and author, holds a B.S. in Biochemistry & Food Science, along with a Masters in Psychology. A renowned speaker/lecturer Deborah has extensive history hosting Health and Wellness Seminars for Corporations such as Blue/Cross Blue shield of Il., Cook Count/ Provident Hospital, Farley Industries, The Jag Group International as well as numerous Wellness Pharmacies across the U.S.

The author of 2 books: her children’s work book The Heart Smart Kids and The Junk Food Junkies plus her “not for women only” —-Fries, Thighs, and Lies: A Girlfriends Guide to Getting the Skinny on Fat….have helped thousands find their personal path to a sensible healthier life. Deborah brings over 28 years of extensive nutrition education delivered in an “edutaining” format. From personal clients to corporate America Deborah engages her audience by blending humor, common sense and the science of nutrition in a digestible, easy to embrace casual approach that engages each and every person as well as addressing their particular needs.

Deborah’s extensive knowledge base incorporates the study of Ayurvedic medicine, gut restoration, blasting fat FAST!,  natural approaches to achieving stellar energy, reducing stress/hormone balancing plus sensible steps to enhanced detoxification. The foundation of her success and the impetus of her brain child, the Plan-it Lean App, embraces Essential Fatty Acid Therapy..renowned to be the key ingredient in Ayurvedic healing which enhances energy, longevity, and the creation of healthier younger cells!

To quote Deborah: “Everyone’s goal in this crazy fast paced life is to live a more balanced full life, & enjoy the many small blessings that come our way! The Plan-it Lean App will show everyone HOW to create awesome energy, find focus, increase productivity yet feel less stressed, as well as experience a positive mindset daily– which benefits everyone across our plan-it!”

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