Learn more about the Plan-it Lean APP to lose weight fast!
This app will educate you on how to transform your life into a healthier lifestyle just by changing your diet. Also, it will provide you with nutrition intelligence on how to lose weight fast.
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Our Approach

WELCOME to Plan-it Lean!
Get ready!...
Discover how to lose weight, keep it off, and stop those silly diets!
Learn how to blast fat fast & "THROW YOUR HEALTH A LIFELINE!"

The Plan-it Lean APP… created just for you and your personal health goals. Our APP will show you how to lose weight fast and blast fat like crazy! The Plan-it Lean App places every single tool you need in your toolkit to reverse seemingly impossible health problems.



Just by “EXPANDING YOUR NUTRITION INTELLIGENCE” you will blast fat fast, reverse high blood sugar levels, sleep deeper, boost energy, experience Facebook moment B.M.s & live an energetic vibrant existence every single day!

Learning precisely how your body works and knowing what you need to make it perform perfectly breeds transformation! The Plan-it Lean App is your key to empowerment.

Knowing, seeing, results. This is the evolution of change. The transformation of you will be yours to behold!


No gimmicks, no expensive pre-packaged foods to buy. YOU design your tailor-made “just for you” personalized food maps. Food options are vast offering life-giving, wholesome, affordable foods that fit your lifestyle and preferences.


The Plan-it Lean App is your ticket to a vital life…so you can experience all the joys great health can bring!


Nutrition Intelligence






Based on your current weight, body fat percentage, hours of sleep & anticipated cardio in the upcoming week your personalized Food Map for weight loss will be at your fingertips at all times…

Showing you, guiding you, and coaching you every step of your day continually moving you towards your personal health goals while blasting fat fast!

Easy to Start.

A few perks you can anticipate just by expanding your blast fat/nutrition intelligence!
  • An improvement in your PH (less inflammation and pain)
  • Lower blood sugar levels and glucose readings
  • Blast fat—fast!
  • Increased energy…awesome energy within the first couple of weeks!
  • Lower HgA1 C levels
  • Less bloat, gas and constipation
  • Better deeper sleep
“Throw Your Health a Lifeline!”