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The products will aid you towards a healthier lifestyle. Plan-it Lean's knowledge, supplements, oils, and books are readily available for you to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle!
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Plan-it Lean's products will kickstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Our goal at Plan-it Lean is grace your life with clear cut, well researched information that enables you to make intelligent choices regarding your health. From what supplements to choose, what bottled water to trust, which herbs are safe or even which health based books will actually give you straight up facts that you can go to the bank with!
OUR ultimate goal? To "THROW YOUR LIFE A LIFELINE" simply by "EXPANDING YOUR NUTRITION INTELLIGENCE".....rather than wasting your hard earned dollars on "bed pan bullets" or less than stellar tableting based supplements. Plan-it Lean will "EXPAND YOUR NUTRITION INTELLIGENCE" by introducing you to companies with a conscience as well as revealing labels and ingredients that are less than optimal... Intelligent Living at your fingertips!

Quantum-Zyme Whole-Body Digestive Enzymes

Scientists and researchers refer to Enzymes as “The key to life”! In the course of living busy lives Enzymes are generally depleted far faster than can be replenished! Enzymes have hundreds upon hundreds of vital functions in the body. Enzymes are readily destroyed and easily lost due to ongoing stress, medications, alcohol, sugar, lack of sleep, too much caffeine plus repeated exposure to allergens,toxins, pesticides and chemicals. EVERYONE needs enzyme support, the question is much?
Quantum Zymes provides you with the strongest formulation in the market today… less equals more!

Price: $69.86


Fries, Thighs, and Lies

Your Guide to Getting the Skinny On Fats

This is not a diet book. It’s not a nutrition book, either. Surprised? Here’s the good news. You won’t be scanning pages with loads of serving charts, calorie tables(okay, maybe a couple of formulas here and there), or all that other stuff found in all the other diet books you’ve bought and never read! Why write a big fat book about being thin? If it really is as easy as exercise…(just move it to lose it), OR just eating right, (what on Earth is right…particularly for YOU?) No one needs 500 pages of rhetoric to explain this to you, right? For sure no more than 200!

What I will offer is some sit-on-your-grandma’s-lap common sense about the relationship that’s going on between your mind and your mouth; and girlfriend, you and I both know that can be a toxic love affair at times.

I invite you to take a look at how to walk away from this dysfunctional relationship forever! That’s right. Here’s how… Try on then follow your personalized FOOD MAP so you can hum that new attiTUNE: “Hit the road fat, & don’t you come back, no more, no more, no more, no more”. Put on those ruby slippers, Dorothy. Time to conquer your fear of fats & fries, say bye-bye  to thunder thighs, and reconcile all the lies that have led you to:

Lycra, dieting & belly fat, oh my!

Price: $8.99 (eBook)


CoCoNut Oil

CoCoNut oil is one of the very best “healthy fats” with which to BLAST FAT fast!! This Medium Chain Triglyceride Essential Oil provides so many benefits they are too numerous to mention! Keep in mind when shopping for a refined FLAVORLESS Coconut oil look for Expellar Pressed , and preferably Cold pressed. Avoid Bleach or chemicals used in the refining process!

Price: $30


The Heart Smart Kids and the Junk Food Junkies Kids Workbook

All children deserve a healthy start in life! This gem of a booklet doubles as a teaching tool as well!. Your child will learn the basics of INTELLIGENT NUTRITION in a fun engaging format. Get the crayons out and learn along with your Kids!

Price: $3.65 (eBook)