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11 sneaky belly fat triggers

If you can’t seem to get belly fat to budge, it may be one of these secret triggers. You don’t get enough sleep Sleep is crucial for giving your body time to naturally detox and balance hormones. If you get less than 8.6 hours of sleep at...


What to expect during a colonic

Perhaps you’ve heard of the many benefits of colonics, but are still nervous to experience one for yourself. Below, I outline the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and what to expect during a colonic. Over time, excess toxic wastes can accumulate in your liver and colon even...


The Master Antioxidant: Glutathione

Take all the antioxidants you desire, but without ample glutathione, none of your dollars spent on those anti-aging nutrients will realize their full potential. Healthy meal plans alone, as we will discuss, can't always provide enough of everything our body needs for various reasons. The...


Ask the Expert Mercury in Fish

Q. I’m attempting to get pregnant within the next year. Mercury in fish is a concern. Why is it so bad, and which fish should I avoid NOW to prepare for a healthy baby? A. Mercury is a contaminant found in fish, sourced from industrial pollution...


Ask the Expert: Detoxification Process

Q. Is it important to do a detox two or three times a year?  If so, why?  A. The hope is that your body “detoxes” efficiently on its own. Often, even our healthy meal plans and the best weight loss programs just aren't enough. Detoxification processes and...


Ask the Expert: Plastic in the Human Body

Q. There have been a number of blogs about the alarming amount of plastic found in the human body.  Should I trade my Nalgene water bottle in for a metal one? A. Plastic compounds found in human tissue appears to be quite rampant (and not necessarily...


Ask the Expert: Detox

Q. I would like to detox, but I’m not sure I need to and, I’m very confused by all the detox teas, herbal blends, tinctures and various detox kits!  Are we all toxic and if so, what do you recommend to begin a “gentle” detox...


Ask the Expert: Sodium Fluoride

Q: Both my parents have high blood pressure as well as kidney problems.  While doing research on the Internet I found a good number of sodium fluoride referrals as a possible culprit in creating these health problems.  Could you elaborate? A: Sodium fluoride is a by-product...

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